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Are you keen to stay active and avoid injuries while taking part in your favourite sports or activities?

Our team of professional physiotherapists is here to assist you in maintaining your top performance!

We offer comprehensive injury prevention services for individuals of all kinds and rehabilitation needs, ensuring that you can continue to enjoy your favourite activities without the fear of injury setbacks.

We provide a broad range of injury prevention services tailored to the unique requirements of individuals across different sports and activities. Our services include:
Personalised assessments and goal setting
Sport-specific injury prevention strategies and education
Biomechanical analysis and gait assessments
Customised exercise programs to enhance performance and minimise injury risk
Functional movement assessments and corrective exercises
Postural assessments and advice
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Benefits of Injury PreventionOn Performance

Reduced Risk of Injury

Our targeted strategies minimise the likelihood of sports-related injuries, allowing you to participate in your favourite activities with confidence and peace of mind.

Improved Athletic Performance

By addressing muscle imbalances, optimising biomechanics, and increasing overall strength and flexibility, injury prevention programmes can contribute to improved performance across various sports disciplines.

Extended Sports Career

A proactive approach to injury prevention promotes long-term health, assisting you in maintaining peak performance levels and extending your sports career.

Faster Recovery

Individuals who have participated in injury prevention programmes are likely to experience a faster recovery in the event of an injury due to their improved overall physical condition.

Find out how our injury prevention services can significantly improve your performance and overall health.
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Why Choose All Elite
Finally after years of searching I have found a physio that actually listens and makes a difference. James sat down heard my whole story and got to the bottom of the issue. I would recommend him to anyone
Laura Scully
James is an incredible physio who has helped me with various sporting injuries and getting me back on the field. Would highly reccommed him for any treatment, his knowledge and explanations made me feel comfortable we were always heading in the right direction
Jason liu
I have had shoulder and upper back issues for a while now. James is the best physiotherapist I have been to in a long time. He is very knowledgeable and professional. Can't thank him enough!
Laura Garufi
James is by far the best physiotherapist I have ever been to! I have complete trust in him. He is great at explaining everything clearly, relieving my pain and providing a clear plan for my rehabilitation. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone!
Stephen Batger
I have had very bad shoulder issues, that nobody could fix, but James had it feeling much better after 1 visit, and has put a plan in place to keep it good.
David Newall
Highly recommend James. Very professional and has helped me a great deal!
Rowan Garufi
Would recommend these guys. Very professional, efficient and knowledgeable.
Natalie Maire

Meet Our Team Of Physiotherapists

James Newall - Head Physiotherapist/ Owner
James is presently pursuing his Masters of Sport and Exercise Physiotherapy at Latrobe University. James has a keen interest in developing junior athletes and treating sports-related injuries, making him an ideal choice for anyone from elite athletes to beginners to those struggling with injuries.