Shoulder Injuries in Rugby: Tackle Your Pain with Physiotherapy

It's no secret that rugby is a high-contact, high-intensity sport that can put a lot of strain on the body, especially the shoulders. In fact, shoulder injuries account for about 20% of all rugby-related injuries. So, let's tackle the topic of shoulder injuries in rugby and the benefits of physiotherapy.

The most common shoulder injuries in rugby include dislocations, AC joint sprains, and rotator cuff tears. These injuries can be painful and may significantly impact your performance on the field.

Physiotherapy is an essential part of the recovery process for rugby players with shoulder injuries. It helps manage pain, restore range of motion, and strengthen the muscles around the shoulder joint. A customised physiotherapy program for rugby players may include joint mobilisations, soft tissue techniques, and sport-specific exercises.

Research indicates that 88% of rugby players who undergo physiotherapy for shoulder injuries experience significant improvements in pain and functionality. That's a ripper result, right?

But it's not just about recovery; physiotherapy can also play a vital role in injury prevention. Incorporating a preventive physiotherapy program into your training routine can reduce the risk of shoulder injuries by up to 50%. Talk about a game-changer!

So, if you're a rugby player dealing with a shoulder injury or looking to stay injury-free, it's time to tackle your pain with the help of physiotherapy. Contact our team of experienced physios and let us help you get back on the field stronger and more resilient than ever.

In conclusion, whether you're a swimmer, netball player, or rugby enthusiast, don't let injuries hold you back from enjoying the sports you love. Physiotherapy can be a powerful ally in your recovery and injury prevention journey. Reach out to our skilled team of physiotherapists and let us help you regain your strength, mobility, and confidence.